UK Commends Ethiopia’s commitment to ensure lasting peace

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Addis Ababa, March 10, 2012 (WIC) – United Kingdom has commended the role that Ethiopia has been playing to bring lasting peace and stability in Africa.

British Ambassador to Ethiopia, Greg Dory, told WIC that Ethiopia has been playing a significant role towards realizing peace and stability in Somalia and other countries in the region.

According to the Ambassador, Ethiopia’s recent military victory over the terrorist group al-shabab is very crucial to minimize terrorist activities in the Horn of Africa.

There were a number of important gains out of the conference. First of all because of the conference we were able to get this resolution in the UN that is given the undertaking to support to support AMISOM in the future that was an important outcome, the Ambassador said, adding that there was agreement on joint financial management board, so there will be transparency of the money which donors are giving to the government in Somalia.


According to the Ambassador, this will encourage donors to give more money and to see how that money is being spent in the future and there was stability fund created, which mean in those areas are have been liberated from al-shabab, there is money to help local community to become more sustainable in the future.


There were several agreements on piracy. And of course there is the agreement by the international community to continue this process to reform the inter-governmental committee that looks at issues to do with Somalia. So we have a process for taking forward discussions on Somalis in the future, he emphasized.



The Ambassador also said that Ethiopia is an extremely important regional player. And we talk to the Ethiopian government regularly about security, intelligence issues and we stand ready to collaborate into certain areas.


“Ethiopia played a very constructive role in the recent conference on Somalia, both in the run up to the conference and at the conferee itself,   they were an important player in getting the common position within IGAD, so that when all the countries of  IGAD came to the London conference there was a consensus of view around which we could work. That was extremely important,” Ambassador Dorey said.


“Ethiopia, as we know, is  playing a military role in Somalia too. They have been very successful against al-shabab. We are happy that al-shabab is on the run at the moment. Ethiopia has said that it will withdraw its troops as soon as possible when AMISOM can come in with a UN blessing and take over the positions which they have gained and I think that is important to do too because we want to regularize the situation in Somalia and make sure that there is UN cover, UN blessing for the situation,” he said.



“Over four year period we think it will be 1.4 billion pound on development assistant to Ethiopia. It’s a very big program. It’s because we look at the way in which the money is spent here and we can see a return for each pound starlings spent which is so much greater than we could achieve in many other places around the world. So the results are extremely good and that encourages us to do more,” Ambassador Dorey told WIC.