2.6 mln Palestinians Register to Take Part in First Elections

February 18, 2021(Walta) – The Central Elections Committee said that 2.6 million Palestinians had registered to take part in the first presidential and parliamentary elections in 15 years.

On its website, the committee said that this represents 93.3 percent of Palestinians who have the right to cast their votes in the elections.

“This number reflects the Palestinians’ desire to take part in the elections,” the committee said, noting that the registration was carried out without problems.

However, Palestinians from the West Bank city of Hebron reported yesterday that they were shocked when they found their polling centers had been moved away from their locality.

The electoral commission said it would investigate the reasons behind this change.

Meanwhile, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem accused the Palestinian Authority security services of carrying out these changes and said “interference in the elections is a violation of the Cairo agreement.”

In May, July, and August, the Palestinians are going to elect their MPs, president, and members of the Palestinian National Council consecutively.

(Source – Middle East Monitor)