Adwa Victory inspiration for Africans – Turkish Ambassador to Ethiopia

                Turkish Ambassador to Ethiopia Yaprak Alp

Addis Ababa, February 22, 2021(Walta)- Turkish Ambassador to Ethiopia Yaprak Alp said the Adwa Victory is not only a celebration day for Ethiopians but also a day of a renaissance for the struggle of all Africans for liberation from colonial rule.

The ambassador exclusively told Walta that Ethiopians have won the battle of Adwa because peoples from different corners of the country have strengthened their unity and solidarity. The unification of people from a different social background was the reason for them to win, she added.

She also said that the Adwa battle was not only a day of celebration for Ethiopians but also an inspiration for Africans to assert their independence.

“Africans need to learn unity from this victory,” she said, “They should strengthen their unity based on equity, respect, and mutual benefit.”

The ambassador also said that the unreserved role played by Ethiopian Airlines in unifying Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic carrying preventive medication kits to various countries is a sign that the African Union talk of unity is not just talking, but also acting.

The 125th anniversary of Adwa’s victory and the Ethiopian-Turkish diplomatic relations makes the celebration historical and unique, said the ambassador.

According to sources, the first exchange of messages between the two countries took place in 1869 between Emperor Menelik II and Sultan Abdul Hamid II.