Adwa Victory wake-up call for Africans – Ambassador James Pitia Morgan

South Sudan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia James Pitia Morgan

Addis Ababa February 19, 2021 (Walta) – South Sudan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia James Pitia Morgan said Adwa Victory is a wake-up call for Africans.

In his exclusive interview with Walta Television, Ambassador Morgan said that the Adwa Victory shows that Africans can solve their problems in an African way via discussion and win-win cooperation.

He said the Victory of Ethiopians has not only enabled Africans to fight for their independence, but also shows that Africans have capable power when they are unified.

“If Ethiopia achieves Adwa Victory in one day, we, Africans can work together to realize African renaissance in short term plans by strengthening our solidarity and oneness without the interference of foreign countries,” the Ambassador stated.

Ambassador Morgan stressed that Africans should remove colonial dividing boundaries; he said, adding that the African Union’s flag does not have a line that separates one country from another; just a flat flag with no boundaries at all, which signifies unity.

He said it is important to create a free movement for Africans by excelling ongoing regional integration through peace building, trade, tourism, and investment to realize a prosperous Africa.

Africans must put beyond their disputes and extend their alliance for the growth and prosperity of Africa to achieve Agenda 2063, Africa’s biggest development plan, he added.

Ambassador James Pitia Morgan also congratulates Ethiopians and all Africans for the 125th anniversary of the Adwa Victory, urging Africans to repeat the legacy of Adwa by overwhelming poverty.

Adwa was a major anti-colonialist battle struggled by all Ethiopians, under the skillful and witty leadership of Emperor Menelik and Empress Taitu. The victory resonated well beyond the Ethiopian and indeed the African border, it was learned.

(By: Tizita Mengistu)