Amb Briefs over 32 Members of German Parliament 

Addis Ababa, March 25, 2021 (Walta) – Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Germany, Mulu Solomon briefed members of the German Parliament (Bundestag) working group on Economic Cooperation and Development of CDU /CSU-group.

Over 32 members of Bundestag and the working group were present on the WebEx-meeting that focused on the current situation in Ethiopia, the law enforcement operation in Tigray, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the Ethio-Sudan border issue, and the upcoming election, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ambassador Mulu said that the Government of Ethiopia has saved the Horn of Africa by neutralizing the TPLF attack and its wider plan of destabilizing the country.

According to her, the region would have otherwise been a breeding ground for terrorism due to TPLF’s destructive roles.

She noted also that, the government has been rebuilding critical infrastructures destroyed by TPLF and supplying food to 4.1 million people in Tigray. Out of this, 70 percent of the relief food has been covered by the government and only 30 percent by the international community and NGOs.

With regard to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the ambassador underscored that the dam should be a point for cooperation. The project is not a luxury for Ethiopia rather a provider of the much-needed energy to lift the fast-growing population from poverty by creating jobs which in turn will reduce migration.

She pointed out that the AU-facilitated trilateral negotiation is the viable way to reach an agreement, adding that Ethiopia has the right to use its resources based on international practices without causing significant harm to the downstream countries.

Ambassador Mulu also said the border issue with Sudan should be peacefully resolved by exhaustively using the already existing modalities.

Speaking about the upcoming election, she stated that it would be an exemplary, free and fair election that will be observed by local observers from diverse backgrounds and international observers. 

Policy Spokesperson of the Committee for Economic Cooperation and Development in the Bundestag, Volkmar Klein said Ethiopia remains Germany’s important partner.