Council of Ministries Conducts Six-Month Performance Evaluation

February Addis Ababa, 22, 2021 (Walta)- Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, has announced that the six-month performance appraisal meeting of each ministry is going on in Koysha, SNNP regional state.

Chaired by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the day-long meeting is being held for the first time outside the capital Addis Ababa in the presence of all ministers.

“Together with the Council of Ministers, we are undertaking our six-month performance evaluation of each ministry,” the prime minister said in a statement on his social media page.

He also said, through such continuous performance evaluations against endorsed annual plans, we are able to address emerging gaps and hold accountable implementing bodies in ensuring adequate delivery for our citizens.

The meeting will review performance against established plans and goals set for the year.

It is expected that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will give a summary after discussing the report submitted by all the ministers.