Ethiopian Naval Force Unveils New Logo, Uniform

Addis Ababa, May 04, 2021 (Walta) – The Ethiopian Naval Force has unveiled today its new logo, shoulder strap, and uniform in a ceremony held at the Defense Engineering College in the town of Bishoftu.

Army Chief of Staff, General Birhanu Jula, Naval Force Commander, Admiral Kindu Gezu, and military attachés of other countries presided over the occasion.

The logo is available in red, white, and yellow where the red symbolizes sacrifice and readiness, the white represents peace, knowledge, sweat, and identity, and the yellow signifies hope for the nation and its people.

The unveiled logo is an anchor, which is an international symbol of the Navy, and a bunch of olives that reveals its resolute capacity, according to ENA.

Ethiopia’s Naval Force disbanded after the country lost its access to the Red Sea almost three decades before following the secession of the then-province of Eritrea.

Now the nation is striving to reconstruct its naval force as part of military reforms.