Ethiopia Oman holds Trade and Investment Forum

Addis Ababa, May 26, 2021 (Walta) – The Ethio-Oman Trade and Investment Virtual Forum aimed at exploring and promoting trade and investment opportunities between Ethiopia and Oman was held yesterday May 25, 2021.

The event featured speakers from high-level officials from ministries and chambers as well as more than 70 participants from investors, exporters, and traders across the agriculture, mining, and energy sectors both from Ethiopia and Oman.

The Forum was aimed to provide a platform for engagement and dialogue on emerging and key issues on trade and investment between Ethiopia and Oman and to serve as a platform for Business-to-business networking and partnerships.

Ayrorit Mohammed, Ambassador of Ethiopia to Oman officially opened the Forum stating that the event will pave the way to establish strong economic ties and cooperation as well as the overall development of the Ethiopian and Oman trade relation in various spheres of the economy such as trade, investment, tourism and technology transfer.

Ambassador Misganu Arega, State minister of the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Industries in his opening remark stated the importance of the Forum in strengthening the relation between Ethiopia and Oman and stressed the need to work more even though increased trade balance has been registered recently.

Undersecretary for Investment Promotion at Oman’s Ministry of Commerce, Industries and Investment Promotion Aseela Salim Al Samsamiya on her part said “We as a government of Oman have considered Africa as a targeted and focus market for the next 5 years and Ethiopia is one of them”.

She also added, “Ethiopia, being one of the largest unexplored markets in the world, there is a huge appetite to explore Ethiopia and the participation of the Omani business community here in this event today is one evidence”. She also urged Ethiopian companies to consider Oman in their quest for new partnerships and expansion of their business.

Chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industries Eng Redha Juma Al Saleh noted the need to sign economic and investment agreements between Ethiopia and Oman especially on promotion and protection of investment, on technical cooperation and agreement, on double taxation as well as stressed the need for exchange of visits of trade delegations and organization of exhibitions.

President of the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations W/ro Mesenbet Shenkute in her statements noted the need to widen opportunities for the good of the private sector on both sides based upon the already well-established relation and solidarity between the two chambers. She said, “this forum will also enhance the relation by promoting exchanges of trade, information, and technology between the Ethiopian and the Omani business community”.

Dr. Adugna Debela from Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, Dr. Yohannes Girma, from the Ministry of Agriculture and Mr. Mekonnen Solomon from Ethiopian Horticulture Development Agency, and Mr. Aschalew Tadesse from Ethiopian Investment Commission have presented elaborated explanations on trade and investment opportunities in Ethiopia on the areas of coffee, horticulture, and livestock.

The event has entertained questions and answers, comments and engagements from both the Ethiopian and Oman business community.

At the closing remark, Ayrorit Mohammed addressed the business community “As business cooperation between business communities would require sustainable support, I can assure you we will always welcome anyone to consult and cooperate, our mission is here to serve as a bridge between Ethiopia and Oman.